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Michael or what some of you may know him as “Stay The Course”, is following the calling that God has placed on his life; staying the course through all of what life has in store yet through adversity. Michael was a D1 soccer athlete, played at UC Berkeley, blessed with a scholarship, played over seas; but who lost his father at a young age. The two had a very very close relationship. After the loss of his father he developed a worldly rebellious lifestyle to fulfill his voids, pain and hurt. Nonetheless through that lifestyle he began to develop a drug and alcohol addiction to keep him from facing the reality that was currently happening in his life. All that eventually lead to fights, overdoses, living life with no cares/regrets, and keeping constant toxic behaviors. While living in the world Michael was a believer but wasn’t fully committed to making that decision with God just yet to turn his life around. As he had strong women in his life, his Mother whom they’re relationship was rocky due to his rebellious ways and a sister who always prayed and believed in him; turning his selfish, worldly addiction behaviors around. Michael eventually came to a super dark place that made him feel so alone that all he could do was Pray to God to change his ways because the lifestyle wasn't for him anymore. He questioned his life's path a lot. Finding out he needed to stop running towards what is wrong and start running towards what is right. There is two hard roads in life, what do you chose? The road which leads to working hard, staying healthy/fit, praying, becoming a good person to mending all wounds from friendships, relationships and family or the road to constant arrests, constant problems/ turmoil and just repeating the same pain that you do to yourself again and again. He finally chose the first one. As Michael thought that all what he has done in life, God wouldn’t accept him for who he was or what he has done. - God showed up with Michael, and showered him with an outpouring of his spirit, love and comfortn. Rededicating his life to God, following the calling that God has for him, while utilizing his gift as a motivational speaker. Michael has found a purpose, he felt free, alive like he is made for soo much in life -  with a vision that has been soo evidently clear of what God has for His life. A changed Man - “Man Of God”. 

The mission of “Stay the Course” is to share my story to maybe help those who may be going through things in life, struggling with addiction or maybe even someone just needing motivation yet encouragement to know that you have a Purpose and you are made for soo much MORE! I am here to spread the word one verse at a time; we can continue to walk the course and stay the course together. God loves you and let him be with you always!


Much Love,


Michael (Stay The Course)



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